Maximizing the sale price of your home.

Before you list your home on the market, take some time and ask yourself, what was it about the home that caused you to buy it? Did you look at more than one home at the time? On average buyers look at 12 homes before deciding which home to write an offer. Think back.. besides the numer of bedrooms and number of bathrooms and whether the home has a 1,2 or 3 car garage... there's really not much difference. Sure, some homes have views, some have private yards, some are on busy streets and some are closer to schools and shopping.These factors infulence the overall price. You cannot change the direction a home faces. Howver, you can infulence the price buyers are willing to pay.  I've prepared a list of the top things you can do to get your home sold faster and for more money. For a free PDF copy of this extensive list.. Enter your email at the bottom of our page.
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